50 Celebs We Lost In 2022

Photo Courtesy: [WorldNewsMedia/Imgur]

Celebrities have become a big part of our lives, and it is heartbreaking when they pass away, as many people look up to them. Sadly, this year, in 2022, many famous celebrities have passed away, such as Kirstie Alley, Aaron Carter, Bob Saget, and much more. Several of these celebrities were pretty young when they passed away, making their passing even more tragic than it already was. Paying our respects to these celebrities is the least we can do for them, as they have provided us with endless entertainment. 

Too many comedians, actors, actresses, musicians, and cultural icons have passed away this year, but it is something that is a part of life. So if you are curious to see the 50 celebrities that were lost in 2022, be sure to check out this article.