50 Unknown Facts About Native Americans

Native Americans have been around for tens of thousands of years, and they had developed rich land in order to provide for themselves and their tribes, all while holding high respect for natural resources. There were native people all throughout the different continents, but when colonists arrived, those people were captured, enslaved, and murdered by people who wanted their land and resources. 

There are many decadent layers of history we will never know about the Native Americans because colonists like Christopher Columbus took advantage of them and killed them without thoroughly noting all the information about their culture. History, science, and art principles have all been lost forever because Native Americans generally spoke all of their information, so it tragically died when they did. With this, Native Americans were the best form of humanity to ever live, and there is a wide array of facts that are unknown to the world about them. 

Photo Courtesy: [Boston Public Library/Unsplash/Free to Use]