These Credit Card Perks Save Money On Things You Use All The Damn Time

Credit card companies are always trying to get you to sign up for their latest, shiniest credit card. From cash-back rewards to travel points, these cards offer righteous perks, like travel miles… but they’re also getting a little stale.

Good news: Smart credit card companies are starting to offer new perks. Better perks. Perks for stuff you actually want to use. Like, today.


Here are the best perks that’ll save you money on your favorite things in the whole wide world.

Savvy Spotify savings

The Capital One Quicksilver and QuicksilverOne credit cards offer some of the best rewards on the market. Like? How about knocking off half the price of Spotify Premium for members through at least April?

Spotify Premium lets you blast your favorite jams without being annoyed by ads, along with unlimited skips and the ability to download music.

And here’s more good news: Spotify Premium members can reap the benefits by simply linking their Quicksilver credit card to their pre-existing account. After enrolling in the discount, the credit should appear on your statement within one to two billing cycles—so you’ll be jamming out like Bart Simpson in no time.

That isn’t the only advantage that Spotify offers Capital One Quicksilver customers. New members can also free three-month trial offer for Spotify Premium ... if paying half the price is still too expensive.

Free Uber ride(s)

Meanwhile, Uber and Capital One have teamed to offer us free rides (up to $15) for every 10th trip someone takes when paying with a Quicksilver card.

And Capital One isn’t alone.

Got a fancy American Express Platinum Card? Get $15 in Uber credits (U.S. only) every month, which amounts to $180 a year.

Now, like Derek Zoolander, you’ll be able to enjoy a (free) car ride with all your model friends.

Even more Uber discounts

If discounted rides aren’t enough of a perk for you, then maybe you should look into the new Uber Visa card that has a ton of cool rewards.

Sure: You’ll earn the usual points back on dining (including UberEats); hotel and airfare; online purchases, yadda yadda.

But! After spending $5,000 or more per year on the credit card, members are given a $50 online subscription service to apply toward Spotify, Netflix and Hulu, among others. The card also offers up to $600 in mobile phone insurance, including phone damage and theft. And any reward can be redeemed for Uber credits, cash back or a gift card.

The yawn-inducing cash back and travel point reward systems have grown old, so it’s clearly no surprise that change is coming. These credit card companies will do whatever it takes to entice enrollment, which can only mean more green in your starving wallet.