Here's How to Get a Promotion When You Work at Home


When you work at home, there are a ton of perks, sure, but also a fair share of downsides.

It eliminates your daily commute, it also means missing out on valuable face time with your coworkers, making it even more difficult to rise up the ranks at your company.

If you’re working at home and shooting for a much-deserved promotion, here are four ways you can show your boss that you’ve earned it.

Master communication tools

Anyone who has worked at home knows how important it is to stay connected with coworkers and superiors.

If you’ve mastered Google Hangouts, but your company uses Slack, you’ll have to learn Slack. There’s no avoiding it.

If you’re relying on these apps, you should also have a backup plan for when something inevitably goes wrong. Whether you’re experiencing internet or computer issues, make sure to have a plan in place. Get a reserve laptop (with an extra battery). Also, having a go-to location, such as a friend’s house, to work can be a lifesaver if you’re in a bind.


Staying in contact through an app can help, but what if you want to have a more personal connection when reaching out to your boss?

"Pick up the phone every so often to discuss a project, rather than relying on a long email thread," Amanda Augustine, a career management expert via Glassdoor, has said. "If your colleagues are having a meeting at the office, ask to be dialed in so you can actively participate."

Remember: It’s better to over-communicate while working from home. 

Track your progress

Remote workers have to show tangible proof that they are diligently working.

The first thing telecommuters should do is keep a record of everything they’ve accomplished that week. Use the free trials of TimeDoctor; Roadmap; TickSpot; or Timely to track progress and the amount of time spent on a project.

Whether you keep that for your personal records or you send it off to your boss once a week, it’s an effective way to sell yourself while showing a strong dedication to your work.

Come into the office occasionally

Just because you work at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show up to the office every once in awhile.

As long as you live within a commutable distance, it would be beneficial for you to show up at least once a week. If you live farther away, then consider budgeting enough time and money to come into the office once a month.

Ask for more responsibility

To stick out as a remote worker, you’ll most likely have to work harder and smarter than the in-office employees.

Take Christina Turner, for example. Turner—who has been promoted multiple times—works remotely in the software and technology sector.

"I’ve found it extremely beneficial to keep an open mind when opportunities come up," says Turner, via FastCompany. "I think this kept me on my boss's radar for other opportunities."

Also, learning new skills and applying those talents increases your value. Try using sites that offer classes in business and technology, among other courses. Some sites worth using are Lynda; Coursera; and edX.

These simple steps should help you in your day-to-day workflow while improving your chances of earning that promotion and pay raise.