Prince William Just Inherited A 685-Year-Old Estate Just Over $1 Billion

Photo Courtesy: [USAID Vietnam/Wikimedia Commons]

Prince William just inherited a 685-year-old estate that is estimated to cost over $1 billion. Prince William received the estate after he was named the Duke of Cornwall and the Prince of Wales. King Charles III previously owned the Duchy of Cornwall estate as his previous title was the Prince of Wales. Prince William was chosen to become the new Duke of Cornwall as it is a tradition in the royal family to give the estate to the ruling monarch's first son. The Duchy of Cornwall estate is massive and is surrounded by many acres of farmland. The Duchy also owns many estates located across southern England and is one of the ways the royal family generates money. 

Prince William now has to take on new roles as the new Prince of Wales and follow in the same footsteps as his father did. Prince William's net worth has exploded because of his recent inheritance, and he is now the next in line to become the King of England. So if you want to learn more about the estate Prince William inherited, be sure to check out this article.