The 60 Healthiest Places in the United States (Financially and Otherwise)

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For the third year in a row, U.S. News and World Report crunched the numbers to figure out which of America’s counties have the healthiest residents, and what they’re doing to stay that way. The magazine looked at 84 different indicators, including life expectancy, rates of poverty and chronic illnesses, environmental factors, educational levels, housing prices and ownership, crime statistics, and overall economic and physical health.

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What the survey found was that the healthiest counties in America have some things in common, but also some pretty big differences. They’re scattered all over the country and vary greatly in size, from coastal metropolitan areas to small rural communities. And their economies are very different - some are based in tech, others in farming, and others in tourism. But with a focus on physical health, education, safety, and good jobs, their residents live longer and healthier lives than the national average. 

Here are the 60 healthiest counties in the United States: