The Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram


If you've seen how billionaires travel and think it's unattainable, think again. These travel bloggers prove that it’s possible to travel like a billionaire on a limited budget. And while you may not take the quit-your-job-to-continent-hop approach, you could always need some advice for your next trip, and these bloggers have plenty of it. Whether you need tips on the best travel credit cards; where to eat; or traveling on a tiny budget, these Insta stars have got you covered.

The Points Guy

Brian Kelly showed exactly how to travel like a billionaire on limited funds and started sharing his methods a modest blog with tips on how to hack credit card rewards and miles to pay for trips. Seven years later, he runs a travel blog that publishes up to 20 articles a day, including reviews of credit cards, hotels and airlines. 


To keep the content coming, he and his colleagues jet all over the place, and he posts his adventures on Instagram. All of this has gained Kelly the title of Forbes’ top travel influencer.

You probably recognize Murad Osmann’s signature shot even if you’ve never seen one of the originals. In 2012, Murad and his wife, Nataly, coined the #followmeto hand-holding shots, which couples on the go have copied ever since. In addition to creating these stunning shots highlighting landmarks and fashion trends all over the globe, the duo runs the travel blog followmeto, which features interesting people they’ve met, like the founder of the world’s biggest charity.
The couple has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine and named the third top travel influencers by Forbes.

It's Beautiful Here

Georgia Hopkins’ Instagram feed is certainly candy for the eyes, but her blog is even better. It’s broken down simply into city guides (and there are more than 60 of them). Click into one, and not only are you presented with helpful categories like where to eat and stay, but also where to caffeinate and the soundtrack that best fits each city.

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten Rich has beautifully captured her trips to more than 50 countries, earning her the title of the second top travel influencer by Forbes. Her Instagram posts may or may not feature her smiling face, but all of them inspire destination lust.

Her blog highlights where she’s been and features what to do in those locations. But her tips tab really shines. There, Rich, who quit her corporate job to travel, shares what she’s learned about how to, say, travel alone or travel on a budget.

Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten’s blog is best for the nomad, backpacking, sleep-anywhere types. He shares adventures like hitchhiking across the U.S., and his travel tips are definitely catered to people who are constantly on the go.

But even if you’re a suitcase-just-for-shoes type who wouldn’t dream of booking a flight without also booking a hotel room, you can still thoroughly enjoy Karsten’s Instagram feed, which is full of gorgeous shots of destinations far off the beaten path.