The History of The First Thanksgiving

Photo Courtesy: [Jean Leon Gerome Ferris/Wikimedia Commons]

Thanksgiving is a holiday that Americans have celebrated for over 400 years. The Thanksgiving Day that we think of today is quite different from the First Thanksgiving, which occurred between September 21 and November 11, 1621. The story that you might have heard about the First Thanksgiving might not be the same as the true history as things didn't work out so perfectly, but in the end, English settlers did have a bountiful feast with the Wampanoag tribe. The Native Americans and settlers ate some of the foods that we eat today on Thanksgiving Day, but there was a lot of food that wasn't available to them at the time, such as cranberry jam and potatoes. 

There are several interesting facts surrounding the First Thanksgiving that you probably have never heard before. So if you want to find out more about the history of the First Thanksgiving, check out this article!