The Scariest Things That Have Ever Happened On Cruise Ships

Photo Courtesy: [Unto Järvinen/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain]

Cruise ships first became a luxurious activity in the modern world in the 1800s, and ever since, the idea of sailing around to beautiful destinations has been extremely attractive to people. Tourists will save thousands of dollars to get on a cruise ship full of games, parties, and food, and sail to incredible destinations such as the Caribbean or Norway. Even though it seems like nothing could ruin such a relaxing vacation, horrific situations happen on cruise ships frequently. 

Over the past two centuries, there have been hundreds of reports of cruise ships sinking, passengers getting sick, crime, and other scary happenings that have resulted in thousands of deaths. You know how fun cruises can be, so join in as we explore the frightening side of these massive ships, including some of the scariest things that have ever happened on cruise ships!