The True Story of The Mysterious Cecil Hotel

Photo Courtesy: [Jim Winstead/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain]

During the early 1920s, William Banks Hanner and a few of his colleagues decided to construct a hotel in Los Angeles, California. William and his fellow hoteliers possessed magnificent blueprints for this building, and it was inspired by the French Beaux Arts style of architecture. The hotel took three years to build and consisted of 700 rooms, complete with stained glass structures, a marble lobby, and luxurious interior plants. Initially, William and his partners invested over $1 million into what is now known as the Cecil Hotel. 

Currently, this building has been standing for almost a century, and it is now known as a place full of dark history versus an enjoyable 1920s hotel meant for socialites, international businessmen, and tourists. The true stories of the mysterious Cecil Hotel are full of violence, secrets, and death, and it has taken decades for the mysterious history of this hotel to transpire on every floor of the structure.