The Weirdest Things You Never Knew About Your Money

Pennies are a lie. Bracelets are cash. You think you know what money is? You have no idea.

Go ahead. Take that dollar bill out of your wallet and stare at it. How much do you really know about those weird symbols on the back? Why is that eyeball staring at you from the top of a pyramid? What is it thinking?

Hey, and while we’re at it: What makes it worth a dollar, anyway? Does everybody on the planet use paper money? Or even coins? (Hint: Nope. Money gets real weird, real fast.) 

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

For all the money there is in the world, people know little about how amazing it is: The way it’s made, the way it works and it’s often bizarre (and sometimes kinda scary) history. Did you know that one country uses huge rocks for money? And that other countries use money made of plastic? And while we’re at it: What really happens to people who write or put stamps on dollar bills? Have any ever gone to jail?

Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about money. But be warned: This list is addictive… about as addictive as the cocaine that’s probably lingering on your dollar bills right this very second.