These Are the 10 Most Affordable Cities to Buy a House in 2019


The best mortgage rate can help you purchase an amazing home in any U.S. city, but sometimes the price keeps you from getting your dream house. Per Zillow Research's 2018 "most affordable markets" estimates, these are the big cities that offer you the best bang for your mortgage buck, with great amenities, activities and parks.

Oklahoma City, OK

This most affordable city in the country is home to friendly folks (it's nicknamed "the Big Friendly," after all), short commutes, and a booming entrepreneurial scene. Investing in itself has paid off: The city's old warehouse district has been re-imagined as Bricktown, a hip neighborhood full of great restaurants and bars. Zillow estimates the median home here costs $136,000, with just 10.8 percent of household income going to mortgage payments.

Pittsburgh, PA

With a thriving microbrewery scene, plenty of great scenic trails to hike and bike and 29 colleges and universities, this former "Steel City" is quickly becoming a tech hub. The median home here is $139,100, with 10.9 percent of household income going to the mortgage.

Indianapolis, IN

With its walkable downtown area and professional and collegiate sports teams, Indianapolis is a place where you’ll never be bored, especially if you’re a Colts fan. Also, they have low property taxes and the median home price is about $142,300, with payments estimated at 11 percent of household income.


Memphis, TN

This low-tax home of Graceland is a great place to call home yourself, especially if you love music festivals. The median home here costs $124,800, with 11 percent of household income going to mortgage payments.

St. Louis, MO

This history-steeped city on the Mississippi River boasts plenty of parks, sports attractions and an efficient mass transit system. It's also quite affordable: Zillow prices the median home here at $150,800, with mortgages running 11.1 percent of monthly incomes.

Detroit, MI

Once a major automotive manufacturing hub struggling to plot a course for its future, Detroit has since experienced a dramatic revitalization with an incredible visual arts scene, rich culture, new eateries and much more. Fortunately, there's still time to find affordable housing here: The median home price is just $144,400, with 11.3 percent of monthly incomes going to mortgage payments.

Birmingham, AL

This deep South city, home to the University of Alabama, is known for its food scene -- Zagat named Birmingham one of the 30 most exciting food cities in America. It's easy on the wallet too, with a median home price of $135,000, and 11.3 percent of monthly income going to mortgage payments.

Cincinnati, OH

With a healthy job market, this city’s got tons of opportunity for career success and home ownership. The median home price hits around $156,600, with 11.4 percent of income going to mortgage payments. Best of all, the cost of living in Cincinnati is far lower than most U.S. cities, with a median home price of $156,600. Just 11.4 percent of household income goes to mortgage payments. 

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland rocks! This home to the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame has become a major sports city with a thriving foodie and arts scene. You can expect to pay $137,000 for the median home in this Ohio city, with 11.4 percent of income going to mortgage payments.

Kansas City, Mo.

Even though Kansas City straddles two states, it still manages to be a fairly inexpensive place to buy a house. The median home costs $166,100 here, with mortgage expenses costing 11.9 percent of monthly income.