These Are the 20 Most Affordable Cities to Buy a House

Having the best mortgage rate isn’t the only way to find an affordable house.

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The best mortgage rate can help you purchase an amazing home in any U.S. city, but sometimes the price keeps you from getting your dream house. These cities are the best bang for your buck, with great restaurants, activities and parks, making the best mortgage rate stretch a whole lot farther.

District of Columbia

The nation’s capital has some pretty affordable housing. Not only do you benefit from access to beautiful national monuments, but you’ll only spend about 26 percent of your income on living expenses.

Charlotte, N.C.

Charlotte’s got old-timey charm mixed with the energy of a major metropolitan area, and its housing prices are attractive to boot. The median home price for the city is about $189,000, which is lower than the national average.

Colorado Springs, Colo.

In 2016, U.S. News ranked Colorado Springs as the 5th most desirable place to live. With booming residential construction, you’ll have your pick of new homes and your monthly living expenses won’t rise higher than 29 percent of your income.

Cincinnati, Ohio

With a healthy job market, this city’s got tons of opportunity for career success and home ownership. The median home price hits around $150,000, and the cost of living is far lower than most U.S. cities.

Harrisburg, Pa.

The capital of Pennsylvania is a perfect home for those who love the great outdoors. Zillow puts Harrisburg’s median home price at just $83,500.

Kansas City, Mo.

Even though Kansas City straddles two states, it still manages to be a fairly inexpensive place to buy a house. Average housing expenses cost only 26 percent of monthly income.

Minneapolis, Minn.

This Midwestern city is actually gaining notoriety as a new hotspot for tech startups. This will add a nice pop of life to a city whose historical flair and $224,000 median home price make it a lovely place to live.

Little Rock, Ark.

Over the last year, the average percentage of income that went to housing expenses dropped from 27 percent to 26 percent. This affordable city has become a hub for artists and food lovers alike, with many new single family homes being built for affordable prices.

Raleigh and Durham, N.C.

Down to live in a college town full of burgeoning technology, science and a whole lot of school rivalry? Then the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill areas may be the place for you. Not only is the median house price around $219,000, but the property taxes are actually some of the lowest in the country.

Salt Lake City, Utah

With five national parks and a few choice ski resorts, this city is a gorgeous place to buy a home. There are plenty of new housing developments going in with reasonable prices, and the cost of living in Salt Lake City is incredibly low.

Baton Rouge, La.

Living in a cultural hub can sometimes be expensive, but Baton Rouge has all of the intrigue without the hefty price tag. According to Zillow, the median home price is around $160,000.

Buffalo, N.Y.

If you work in the healthcare sector, Buffalo might actually be the perfect place to settle. Not only is it home to Kaleida Health, the Catholic Health System and Roswell Park Cancer Institute, but the median home price is only $94,000.

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Are you a fan of a burgeoning art scene and lots of craft breweries? Then Grand Rapids may be the place for you. It has a low cost of living and median house price of $155,000.

Parma, Ohio

Located on the southern edge of Cleveland, this suburb was named the third safest city in the United States in 2014 and its median home value is $111,000.

Indianapolis, Ind.

With its walkable downtown area and professional and collegiate sports teams, Indianapolis is a place where you’ll never be bored, especially if you’re a Colts fan. Also, they have low property taxes and the median home price is about $139,000.

Louisville, Ky.

Housing costs in the home of the Kentucky Derby are actually 20 percent below the national average, with the median home cost being $118,000.

Omaha, Neb.

Young professionals love Omaha because of its fun foodie scene and it’s low cost of living. The median home price is $152,000.

Des Moines, Iowa

Looking for a Tudor or colonial-style home that won’t break the bank? Des Moines has tons of public parks and recreational spaces. Contrary to most cities, the closer you get to downtown, the less expensive the homes get, with the median home price being $169,000.

Zion, Ill.

Home to an apple and a harvest festival, this quaint town 130 miles from the Wisconsin border has a median housing cost of $112,000.

Augusta, Ga.

This southern peach is home to the Master’s Golf Tournament and has a culinary scene that rivals New York and Los Angeles. While you may pay more for groceries, the median home price is only $138,000.