These Famous Business Leaders Are Teaching Online Classes That You Can Totally Take


Not everyone has the cash to go to college. Even if you do make it there, that pricey degree may never pay off. But online colleges let you expand their brain from anywhere. Many universities, like Carnegie Mellon and Harvard, have taken college online for cheap or even free. Some classes are even being taught by baller CEOs and founders of some pretty impressive companies. 


Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine Library

Want to up your business’ brand and social media game? Gary Vaynerchuk, the CEO and business wunderkind who rebranded his family’s liquor store from a $3 million-a-year storefront to a $60 million online wine retailer, teaches an online course via Udemy that demystifies the online branding process. In "Building a Personal Brand," Vaynerchuk teaches you how to craft your brand’s story and communicate it effectively across social media to bring in more dedicated customers to make your business boom.

Alan Joslin, Epstein Joslin Architects

Have you ever seen a building or public space that blends perfectly with the environment around it? That's no accident. If you take "Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes" from MIT’s Open Courseware, you’ll learn the fundamentals of analyzing a landscape and building the perfect structure for that location from a seasoned pro. Alan Joslin, founder of Epstein Joslin Architects, has designed amazing concert halls across America and feels that "there’s a magic we seek in them, something that really reaches for a higher level of experience, something that’s moving."

David Chang, Momofuku

For those foodies out there, Harvard offers an online course called Science and Cooking that allows you to learn how to cook from chefs like David Chang, founder of Momofuku Restaurant Group. Chefs walk you through some of their favorite recipes, and then a Harvard physicist and a Harvard mathematician dive into the science behind things like flavor and heat. Part of the course focuses on molecular gastronomy, which uses scientific tools and different chemicals to make jellies, emulsions and foams that take food to the next level.

Learning from the best in whatever business you’re interested in is easier and more affordable online. The continuation of your education is just a click away.